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3 best winter getaways 2020 Wintertime Holiday


There are few things to be excited about this year, as many of us we didn’t have a nether grate summer of winter but now as we approaching fall, and we started to get used to living with COVID-19, some of us may consider taking few days at the end of the year to rewind and relax.

For this year I would say for some extend your getaways or vacations will be somewhat driftnet and maybe a little difficult, but as we witnessed this summer, many vacation destinations continued to operate, with a few changes, of course as travelers we should also take all the necessary precautions if we decided to travel somewhere during the coronaviruses pandemic.


Now, are you ready to start planning for your winter gateway? Where is the best place to vacation in the winter?

Best Winter Getaways 2020 with Snow

3 best winter getaways 2020 Wintertime Holiday

Where to Go for a Winter Getaway in Switzerland

Firstly Switzerland if full of magical winter vacation destinations, Secondary it will be a hustle to choose between the places, In conclusion I found 2 great ones one for skiing and the other for nightlife and relaxing.

St Moritz

This gorgeous town is ready to welcome all visitors as it was the host of the winter Olympics twice and it had been the number one getaway among the wealthy people.

3 best winter getaways 2020 Wintertime Holiday

Is St Moritz expensive?

Yes, it is the second most expensive place in the world for tourism.

What is Moritz known for?

skiing, snowshoeing and sledding, and fine dining, luxury lifestyle.


What language do they speak in St Moritz?

German, Italian, French, and English


how to get to St Moritz?

St. Moritz can be easily accessed by bus or car from northern Switzerland, Ticino, Italy and Austria. It takes around three hours to drive from Zurich or Milan and four hours from Munich. If you would prefer to avoid driving over the Alps, you can also load your car onto a train and travel through the Vereina Tunnel.




You want a place to ski relax and enjoy the white snow? You may consider checking Zermatt

As it was awarded best European resort at the 2020 ski club industry award 


The winter getaway of your dreams as you can be enjoying the most impressive skiing in the world, stretching from 1,620m to lofty 3,889m all set against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Matterhorn.

Is Zermatt suitable for beginners?

Yes, beginners can happily ski in the area.

How to get to Zermatt

  • Zürich airport: 3.5 hours
  • Basel airport: 3.5 hours
  • Geneva airport: 4 hours
  • Calais: approximately 11 hours of driving (571 miles)

What is Zermatt known for?

Best known as a platform for skiing and mountaineering.

In other words its famous for Skiing

What language do they speak in Zermatt?

German, Italian, French, and English

Where to Go for a Winter Getaway in Turkey?

Where to Go for a Winter Getaway in Turkey?


Turkey is a beautiful country where you can easily find places for perfect getaways summer or winter, However if you are looking for a winter vacation I would definitely suggest Uludağ in Bursa, we went there in 2018 for a weekend during the skiing season and it was truly magical.


3 best winter getaways 2020 Wintertime Holiday

Is St Uludağ expensive?

It is not extremely expensive as what you expect in the skiing places. in addition and with that being said it’s also not cheap.

What is Uludağ known for?

Uludağ is the most popular winter sports center in Turkey.

What language do they speak in Uludağ?

Turkish and English

How to get to Uludağ?

The cheapest way to get from Istanbul to Uludağ is to bus via Alaplı which costs $30 – $45 and takes 6h 39m.

Georgia (The Country) In Winter

Looking for a friendly place with delicious food and drinks, you will love Georgia the country not the one in the USA!

While some of you haven’t heard of Georgia a lot but it is a beautiful county with so much to offer as I live in the GULf Qatar to be specific, After that many of us here miss the winter and we love to go and live few days in the winter, so Georgia had been a beloved destination for many in here, and I can totally see why!

Looking for the Best winter getaways 2020 to take this season, maybe you can consider the following destinations. St Moritz

Is Tbilisi expensive?

In winter since it’s not the peak tourist season, you’ll find better deals on airfare, hotels, and tour packages.

What is Georgia known for?

Ancient cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, snowy mountains, lush nature, and delicious wine.

what language do they speak in Georgia?

Georgian and English

Top Attractions in Georgia

1-         Old Town Tblisi

2-         Lake Rica

3-         Mtskheta

4-         Vardzia

5-         Uplistsikhe

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