3 Day Trip to Cappadocia | The Ultimate Guide

mountains air balloons cappadocia trip

Why Visit Cappadocia?


  Visiting the breathtaking landscape of Cappadocia is a once in a lifetime experience. During your stay you need to make sure to plan everything so you can get the opportunity to check this place fully.

Here is my 3 day trip to Cappadocia the unlimited guide for an unforgettable journey!

 Get ready for nature, hiking, hot air balloons great food, and amazing people. so lets discover


mountains air balloons cappadocia trip
More Reasons To Visit Cappadocia?

– 8 story underground cities.
– Take a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the fairy chimneys.
– Cycle between the caves of Cappadocia and feel the adventure.
And many many more unique and wonderful activities

Should I Book A Tour Or Wander The Places By Myself Using Google?

mountains air balloons cappadocia trip

Well to tell you the truth, we were going to rent a car then use google and some blog tips as our guide, but luckily, we did not! It would have been the biggest mistake in our trip.

Booking a tour in Cappadocia in a smart thing! The Guide will give so much knowledge throughout the trip, and wonderful stories about the history of the place, so do yourself a favor and book a tour, and not only you will find it hard to drive throw some narrow streets then you need to find parking and choose where to go first, with a tour they come and pick you up from the hotel, the whole trip is planned way ahead with great English speaking guides. Plus, most of the tours offer commentary lunch at a great spot, so no need to think and find a good place to eat.

Green and Red Tours

The green and red tours are the tours we choose. It was truly amazing we loved each moment of the trips, I found myself very comfortable with the guide they explained us where are we going and what should we expect there, For instance (at one point we were in very narrow and deep tunnels in the cave, which should be a scary situation for a lot of us, but the guide talked us throw it and we came out from the other side safely).

Plus, while we are walking, they tell great stories from history and you can truly feel and teats the cutler of those places. Probably if we didn’t book the tours, we would have ended up not going to half of the places we went, and not completely understanding the history of is as well. So,In other words I totally would recommend a tour I will put some pictures from the places we visited during our 3 day trip to Cappadocia.

Red Tour (Cappadocia Impression Tour)
Red Tour (Cappadocia Impression Tour) Tripadvisor
Cappadocia Green Tour
Cappadocia Green Tour Tfipadvisor
mountains air balloons cappadocia trip
mountains air balloons cappadocia trip
mountains air balloons cappadocia trip

Famous Air Balloons Is a Must In Cappadocia?

mountains air balloons cappadocia trip

If you heard of Cappadocia before probably because of its famously integrable Hot Air Balloons, if you like to have a one-time memorable gorgeous experience, I would recommend to hop on this hot air balloons and enjoy the beautiful lands under you, plus they offer a sunset timing. if your only staying for 3 days i make sure to book it in advance.

How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Ride Cost in Cappadocia?

To be honest it is quite expensive to hot on these fancy balloons, the price range stars with 220 $ per person. And it’s all depending on the duration of the trip and if you are in the tourism season or not! So, just keep this in your mind plus you should consider the weather factor, we went on the month of April and it was quite windy it was not allowed for the balloons to fly. And I couldn’t take any cool pictures with the balloons.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Cappadocia?

Speaking about the weather, so when is the perfect time to go to Cappadocia? We were told that actually the best time is offseason, because of its location, the area will be boiling hot in summer witch will make is hard for us to enjoy the outdoor tours same goes for winter the area will be extremely cold, so the best time is the end of April to June After that September and October.

mountains air balloons cappadocia trip
How To Get From Istanbul to Cappadocia?

Just keep in mind that there are so many ways to reach Cappadocia from Istanbul, first one is traveling by air which is the easiest for many as the internal flight in turkey is at a reasonable price. And you can choose between two airports to land the first one is Nevşehir Airport which is the closest to Cappadocia and the second one is Kayseri Airport. You can easily find a hotel shuttle to your hotel from there with a price of no more than 15$ per person.

Hotels To Stay

Well, you need to have the experience of sleeping in a cave hotel once you are there! And don’t forget to enjoy the yummiest Turkish breakfast on top of the hotel’s roof.
Fun fact you can’t feel the heat in the rooms during summer because of the natural stone walls they keep the room cool. there so many hotels to choose from but if you are stays for 3 day trip to Cappadocia i recommend to stay with one very close to the center.

mountains air balloons cappadocia trip
mountains air balloons cappadocia trip Cave Hotel
mountains air balloons cappadocia trip Cave Hotel
mountains air balloons cappadocia trip Cave Hotel
mountains air balloons cappadocia trip Cave Hotel
mountains air balloons cappadocia trip Cave Hotel

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In conclusion Let me know if you would love to visit Cappadocia? 

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