5 Cute Summer Nail Trends

Nails Art Trends For The Summer Of 2020

There is always time for us ladies to go wild with our nails and try a bunch of different trends, and the time had come. SUMMER is here and I am ready to list down for you my top five nails art trends for the summer of 2020.

1. Rainbow Nails

Go wild and add on as much as you please colors on your nails because the time has come and there are no too much colors anymore.

2. Coffin Nails are Dead

As the name refers, they look like a coffin and the trend is dead finally, for me personally I was never a fan of this trend, so it’s safe to say am happy that I won’t be seeing those hideous nails everywhere anymore, replace this trend with unique artsy nails.

3. Short Bold and Cute

Yeees rock these cute short nails of yours with pride, make it more fashionable, and add some bold or neon color.

4. Almond Gradient Nail

My personal favorite, let’s start with the almond nail shape it’s so sexy classy and convenient, add to it some soft or bold gradient colors and you will have a dreamy nail.

5. French Tip Colorful Nails

Go all out with this cute brand new classic French tip colorful manicure, what a beautiful trend and perfect for a summer twist.

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