5 Reasons Why You Should Have More Plants In Your Home

Let’s be honest, first of all they look so dang cute and they are super photogenic but there is more than that. Plants can improve your life quality in several ways without even you noticing it.

Especially if you are staying at home most of the time like half of the world population nowadays, you need plants in your house more than ever!

1- Decoration
They are super stylish for home decoration. Just a small plant in the middle of your coffee table will make it look brighter and your room will feel more alive. It will help turn your house into your “home”.

2- Silent Companions
Plants are like pets but with less hassle. You name them, you feed them, you adjust their places everyday to keep them happy. There are even some studies that show that talking to plants actually make them grow faster, so you can talk to them also.

3- Good For Your Mood
Personally I prefer to place a small plant next to my laptop when I work from home or on my dinner table while eating. It boosts my mood, productivity and creativity.

4- Better Indoor Air
Houseplants produce oxygen and can improve air quality which will result reduced stress and fatigue for you. Studies show that some plants may even help eliminating common toxins.

5- Nutrition
You can eat them! Yes you heard it right, if you are growing basil, parsley or mint in a small jar in your kitchen, you can add few leaves to season your pasta and ta-da!! You have a fancy 5 star restaurant like dish.

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