5 Trendy Bags For Summer Fall 2020

Bags 5 Trendy Bags For Summer Fall 2020

Summer Autamn 2020

While scrolling Instagram as usual, and I notice that few signature bags keep popping everywhere, and I know that they will keep showing a lot because there are so trendy this season. So, I thought to make a list and give you my thoughts about this beautiful high-end bag to get you inspired. Just keep in mind that these bags are trendy and may or may not be great investment pieces, I believe in a few seasons they will disappear but for now, they are hot and perfect.

So, Let’s Start Listing Listing Listing

Bottega Veneta Cassette

Is the obvious choice if you want to be trendy this summer and autumn, it’s so colorful and bold, if you’re into this kind of statement pieces you will love the Bottega Veneta Cassette.

@ luxurynextseason

Bvlgari Serpenti Cabochon

This is the ultimate trend we are seeing this beauty all over our socials and to be honest its great timeless piece, I truly believe if you choose this bag it will serve you for years.

Bvlgari Serpenti Cabochon​
@ inthefrow

Hermes Constance Bag

Now if you are in a hunt for trendy yet super luxury and an investment piece you can look at the Hermes Constance Bag, let me tell you this is crazy expansive, and you can’t easily find it. Its already sold out on the official website. But it is a great bag and it can be worn with many outfits. 

Dior Bobby

This bag is Named after Monsieur Dior’s beloved pet dog, the hobo-style must-have with its half-moon shape and tributes to House codes including the ‘CD’ logo and ‘30 Montaigne’ address expresses the contemporary essence of Dior. The perfect bag to any season and so trendy 

Chiara Ferragni

Fendi Peekaboo

And for fun and great size bag you can check the Peekaboo Fendi bag, so many vibrant colors and it truly perfect for every day looks.

Let me know which one is your favorite?

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