6 Ways of Keeping Your Passwords Safe and Strong

Technology facilitates our lives and brings so many new opportunities in every aspect of today’s world. One of the biggest advancement that came with the development of the technology is of course the different ways of communication. Especially in these pandemic days digital media consumption across all platforms has boosted.
But of course none of these improvements comes without a price. Nowadays we have more bills to pay and more things to keep safe.
Passwords are a big part of our digital life. We protect all our online existence with passwords, that is why the importance of having a strong password is the first step through cyber safety.
Just ask yourself the 6 questions below in order to make sure you keep your passwords safe:
1- Is your password longer than 8 characters?
2- Does your password include special characters?
3- How complex is your password?
I do not use any serial characters (e.g. 123456, abcdef) or personal information such as my name, my birth date etc.
4- Have you shared your password with anybody?
5- When was the last time you changed your password?
I frequently change my passwords.
6- Do you use the same password for more than one website?
Considering the number of online services that we use on a daily basis, using a password manager might be useful to create strong passwords and store them securely without hassle. Also, as an additional layer of security, it is a good practice to use 2-factor authentication (2FA) wherever available.
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