6 Ways of Making Your House Smell Amazing

We all have this moment when we enter someone’s house and it hits us with this beautiful heavenly smell. When we ask about it, he or she says that they were baking some cookies.

Well, well, well. Let me tell you something: maintaining a house that smells amazing all the time needs a lot of work and therefore I will be listing down for some of the easiest ways to do that.

1.Clean Your House Regularly

Well it is no-brainer but cleaning your house with sanitizers and detergents will defiantly give your house that smell of cleanliness and freshness. 

And it goes without saying that your garbage must be emptied regularly. 

Here are my picks:

2. Burn Candles

Scented candles are my favorites. They even make the house smell great without burning them also. 


Here are my picks:


3.Essential Oil Diffuser

I don’t personally use it in my house but I have friends who swear they cannot live without it. 

Here are my picks:

4.Closet And Drawer Sachets

Whenever you open your closet a breeze of your favorite smell will welcome you. There are so many DIY ideas too.

You can also go with bamboo charcoal bags just to get rid of the bad odor.

Here are my picks:


5. Boukhour
Incense Oud

It is very common to use it in GCC countries. It is an important tradition and in fact very expensive but it will give your home a unique luxurious smell. It releases fragrant smoke when burned.

Here are my picks:


6. Bluebell Room Diffuser

It is defiantly the perfect way to gently perfume your house. Most common use is to put it in your bathroom.

Here are my picks:

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