A Day in Doha Aspire Park

A Day at my Favorite Spot in Doha Aspire Park

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everything you need to know before going to Aspir park

When To Go?

Morning or night this park holds a special place in my heart, whether I go there for a walk, or I pack some sandwiches to enjoy a picnic type of going.
Aspire Park is located in Aspire Zone, on the opposite side of Villaggio. The whole place is around 88 hectares and it is Doha's biggest park.
With a few kiosks added the park is now more appealing than ever, you can take a walk, feed the ducks, and before leaving you may like to enjoy a great cup of coffee at one of the coffee shops there.

Where to go in Doha?

Looking for a good place in Doha, Qatar? Try to take A Day At My Favorite Spot in Doha Aspire Park, you will love it.
One of the things I missed greatly this summer was seeing the green color of nature, being lockup in a house all the time can take a troll on yourself, but luckily, life started to look like normal here in Doha, and the weather started to be amazing, so here I am super psyched and ready to hit this beautiful city, starting with my favorite place Aspire park.

A Day in Doha Aspire Park

Surly Aspire park is one of the must-see city attractions here in Doha, and for us, the residents its a place where we can bring a book read under the trees, bring the kids to play, take photos near the lake, and now you can ride a bicycle boat and wander around with it.

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