Al Maroona French Beach Is It Worth Visiting?

Al Maroona Beach is it worth visiting?

Finally, it’s time to hit the beach here in Qatar, although the country is filled with luxury resorts, some might like to visit a public beach. Maroona Beach or the French Beach kept popping on my Instagram feed, it seemed like everybody and their mothers choose that beach for the weekend.

So, here am I, looking at pictures of crystal-clear water, and very lovely people. Minutes after I opened maps on my phone and to my surprise it was not far at all. As a result, I prepare my go pro 9 hero and we started our journey to Al Maroona/ French Beach.

Al Maroona Beach is it worth visiting?

Al Maroona French Beach Is It Worth Visiting?


Generally, the road was extremely safe and comfortable to drive in, you can easily set the cruise control in your car and enjoy a smooth ride.

The French beach is located at the south of Fuwairit beach. Around 92 km from the heart of Doha.

What to expect when visiting Al Maroona Beach

  • Similarly to the photos, you will find clear water. However, the beach was packed with people when we arrived, it was quite the hassle to find a place to put your stuff. On the contrary to what I expected and had seen in the pictures.                                            Not to mention that so many people there drive their cars so close to the sea lines and barbequing.
  • Just like what I have read before we go, you will not find any place so close to buying things from, so make sure to pack your drinks and food with you.
  • The same goes for equipment, if you thought that once you get there you might find a parasol to rend from somebody you are wrong. you won’t find anything, better come fully prepared.
  • Do you need a 4X4 car? No, actually you don’t need the road is good and you will find a place to park not in a sandy area.
  • Are there any toilets near the area? No

Al Maroona French Beach Is It Worth Visiting?

To conclude, it is a free beach, perfect for families, and friends, while if it’s not your typical beach umbrella sea, sunbathing kind of beach, it is more of family and friends gathering for barbeque kind of beach. Still beautiful and worth visiting, but for me personally, if I would go there once more, I would go very early to swim only.


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