Best Places To Visit In Turkey | A 5 Day Trip To Izmir

The Trip To Çeşme Izmir Çeşme Izmir

The Trip To Çeşme Izmir

Turkey is an incredible country in general and discovering the treasure of this beautiful place is truly a blessing, just because of the unique mixer between the misty past and the modern future, and of course, the special location between the two continents Europe and Asia gives you a once of a time adventure.

Turkey Is well known of its great year-round weather where you can enjoy any type of vacation, you can easily find places to ski and enjoy the snow in the winter, or you can visit the famous Cappadocia in spring or autumn, and mesmerizing summer places, so today I will give you the guide of the beautiful city of Izmir.

Looking for a day trip to Izmir? You will love this guided day by day and the best places and restaurants to visit.

Best Places To Visit In Turkey | A 5 Day Trip To Izmir

Day One

Traveling to Izmir

is very easy, there are many ways to get you there but the easiest and the most convent for tourists is by plane. It’s a cheap flight and one hour only.

You have two main airlines in Turkey Turkish Airlines, and Pegasus Airlines

Many people including me choose flying to Izmir, but also a lot of people do enjoy the road trip, you can easily rent a car from Istanbul, and drive to Izmir, the ride takes around 5 hours and there are many cool places to stop by on the way.

Car Rental in Turkey
Enjoy a magical trip by picking up a quality car that leaves you free to explore all of Turkey’s most magical sights.

Çeşme is the place to go if you’re looking for a summery place

Ilica Hotel Spa & Wellness Resort

While some people like to directly start with visiting the heart of the city I love to take a couple of days to discover the hotel and enjoy its facilities, we booked a room at Ilica Hotel Spa & Wellness Resort. and it was beyond amazing it has everything we needed from a balcony to enjoy the sea view in the evening to a coffee and tea machine.

Hotel facilities

Look here if you want to check the hotel 

Uploaded by Ilica Hotel Spa & Wellness Resort
The Marina

After a couple of hours for relaxation and when you start to get hungry, I suggest to go to The Marina it is a very cool place to hang out, you will find a lot of cafes and restaurants and you can walk by the seaside and take cool pictures.

The most famous restaurant their Ferdi Baba it has a beautiful view and delicious foods, most famous dishes are the seafood of course, and you can explore pure Turkish appetizers on the side, side note weekend can be overwhelming and crowded, make sure to make a reservation or do what we did we came on a weekday and it was so calm and we enjoyed our time more.

Day Two

The Heart of Izmir

Hit the heart of Izmir and taste the history and culture, the road took us around one hour from our hotel to Izmir, you can park near the seaside, you will see a long and crowded seaside, a lot of young people hang out there, play, dance you can totally feel there energy, they make the place alive and fun.
Izmir is a city it’s crowded, with so many things happening at once you can, we visited the one of the oldest bazaars in Turkey Kemeraltı witch was very similar to the closed market in Istanbul, you will find some malls as well, we had our lunch at one mall we found it interesting and the restaurants there they have such a view to the seaside, and the food was amazing as always.

Kemeraltı is one of the best places to see in the city
Izmir City Turkey
Izmir City Turkey

Day Three

City of Şirince

The Famous City of Şirince, it took us around 1.50 minutes to get there and it was worth it, we visited the live and well-known village, once you in you will find your self surrounded by trees and flowers, as if you’re looking into paintings, the vibe of this place is great you will find local villagers selling their home products, flowers, and many others
This place is filled with tourists, they all wanted to see this famous village, the houses are a piece of art and clean air. And You will find no cars in the village.

It will take you a few hours to visit the place but I wouldn’t recommend spending the full day there

On December 21st, 2012, there was a Mayan calendar suggested that the apocalypse would begin in the town of Şirince.

Fun fact

Day Four

The Virgin Mary’s House

From there we went to visit Meryemana (The Virgin Mary’s House), Selcuk
Thought to be the house of Mary, the mother of Jesus, until her death. It’s a good place to visit it will take you around one hour to check and discover the place.

Ancient City of Ephesus

And from there we went to the Ancient City of Ephesus, Selcuk it’s a ruin of the Greek Ancient City of Ephesus, home to the famous Temple of Artemis, named one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This city was built in the 10th century BCE by Attic and Ionian Greek colonists and came under Roman rule in 129 BCE when it flourished as one of the largest cities in the Empire.

The Bibliotheque de Celsus, Selcuk

And from there you may like to visit the Bibliotheque de Celsus, Selcuk Standing on its nine-step platform, Bibliotheque de Celsus was first built in 117 CE as a mausoleum for Roman senator Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus. The two-story facade, which features three pairs of Corinthian columns, resembles the portico of an ancient Greek theater. The richly decorated library was destroyed in a fire in 262 CE but was restored to the original design during the 1960s and 1970s.

Izmir City Turkey
Izmir City Turkey

Now I know you will feel tired, so you can go back to beautiful Çeşme and have a great dinner in the heart of it, I suggest having the Pide its various varieties are widespread through Turkey and are established as an important food.

at Dost Pide & Pizza.

Day Five

Beautiful Beach and Pools

We took it slow and we just enjoyed the beautiful beach and pools. The next day we went back to Istanbul and I will leave you at this note, take care of yourselves while traveling, drink a lot of water, wear a hat, always do your researches before going some places.

Ps: this trip was last year and I know now so many things may change because the current situation, so check the hotels and if the places are open to visit before you go. Let me know if you liked this program and will you go there?

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