Day Trip to Lake Como | Boat Ride to Bellagio

A Day Trip to Lake Como Boat Ride to Bellagio


Lake Como is a beautiful luxury place where all the famous celebrities go every summer to enjoy the views, parties, and food.

Despite all the fame and fancy hotels did you know that you can actually go there for a day trip, yes for one day and it won’t break the bank. Just go there and witness the breathtaking painting-like landscapes and go back to Milano. 

Of course, if you wish to stay longer you defiantly can, in matter facts we loved it so much so we recommended one of our friends to propose to his girlfriend at Como, witch he did and it was magical.

Are you ready to explore Lake Como? Let’s do it!



A Day Trip to Lake Como Bellagio
A Day Trip to Lake Como Bellagio

Day Trip to Lake Como  Travel Guide

Como, Bellagio

How to go to Lake Como?

How to go to Lake Como?

We were luckily in Milan when we decided to visit Lake Como, and to our surprise it was supercontinent to go to Como from there!

Go to Milano Centrale then take the train that goes to Como Nord Lago (end of the line) and you’ll be there in one hour. After that, you will need to walk around 10 minutes to get to the lakefront.

Price 4.80 Euro 

Distance: 37 km

A Day Trip to Lake Como Bellagio
A Day Trip to Lake Como Bellagio
Milan to lake Como train station details
Is Lake Como Worth Visiting?

Once you get to Como you will find yourself surrounded by trees, colorful houses, and fresh air, make sure to take a moment to take all that beauty in.

Now you can start wondering the mesmerizing place and take cute pictures (you will take hundreds am sure). while walking you can easily spot some cafes and restaurants plus souvenir shops. So, make sure to check all that.

After a few hours in Como now it’s time to go to the next place!

A Day Trip to Lake Como Bellagio
A Day Trip to Lake Como Bellagio
A Day Trip to Lake Como Bellagio

Boat Ride to Bellagio

From Como to Bellagio

Many people love Bellagio as much as Como and maybe even more! But what I love most is the ride between the two towns.

You need to take a boat to go from Como to Bellagio and let me tell you this, the views are amazing to check out this video I took below, and you will understand.


Take A Bite and Enjoy The View

Besides the luxury restaurants bars and cafes there are not many things to do in this beautiful town, just take a walk and eat a bite or like what we did we enjoyed some delicious ice-cream!

And for us, we didn’t feel the need to go to Varenna as it was getting late. And we wanted to go back to Milan, but for next time we will definitely come again and visit the third town.

If you are planning to Day Trip to Lake Como you are making a great choice, bring a camera, SPF and get ready for a fairytale place.

Bring a Camera
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