DIY Nail Salon at Home | Step by Step

Step By Step

DIY Nail Salon at Home

DIY Nail Salon Spa At Home

everything you need to know before DYI

If you are like me you love having great nails all the time, but for some reason or the other, you can’t go all the time to the nail salon. Therefore, you must do it at home, for me I nailed the craft of getting my nails done by myself since I was a teenager, and by showing you my step-by-step DIY nail salon at your home you can do it also.

DIY Nail Salon at Home | Step by Step

Why doing your nails at home is much better?

By purchasing simple tools and set one day of the week to take care of your nails you can achieve a great result without paying the big bucks or spending hours at the nail's place. Mind you that you will feel so much comfortable that your personal tool won’t be used on anyone but you, so it so much more hygienic.

DIY Nail Salon at Home

DIY Nail Salon at Home | Step by Step

A Perfect Manicure at Home

01. Step

Soak your nails

First things first You do not want to start your manicure without proper soak to your nails, either start right after your shower or soak your nails in hot water first.

02. Step

Clean and old nail off

The key to getting a great nail salon spa experience at home is to start from the basics. Remove your old nail polish and add a bit on soap to hot water in a bowl and massage your nails in it for a few minutes.

03. Step

Cut file and shape

Keep on your mind that nails grow so fast and they tend to lose their shape. So at your weakly sessions make sure to clip and file the whole nail to create the shape and length that you want. Cut and remove all the dead skin around the nail part. Plus don’t forget to scrub under the nail. Nail care kit

04. Step


If you didn’t do this step while showing I highly recommend doing it now, exfoliation your hand weakly has many benefits for youthful and bright skin.

05. Step

Apply nail polish

Start by applying the first coat of the nail polish, normally I love the effect of two nail coats, but by all means, if you feel that one coat is enough go ahead and do it. Then apply the second coat. A tip: I don’t wait till the nail polish is fully dry before going ahead with the second coat.

06. Step


A topcoat is not a necessary step yet I do recommend you to do it, just because it makes the color last longer and it gives an incredible shine.

07. Step

Clean up the messy parts

We are not perfect even with many years of experience, that’s why my tip here is to take a cotton pad and soak it in your nail polish remover and go ahead and swipe it on the sides of your nail to remove any nail accidents.

08. Step

SPA Feeling

This step what makes this experience worth it for me, just the idea of me done with my DIY Nail Salon Spa At Home and ready to apply my favorite hand oil of lotion. Choose the best lotion or oil for your hand, and make sure to moisturize them regularly and especially during dry and cold weather.

DIY Nail Salon at Home | Step by Step

DIY Nail Salon at Home

Benefits of Exfoliation and When To Do It

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