Dry Brushing Benefits and The Correct Way To Do It


Dry Brushing Benefits and The Correct Way To Do It

Dry Brushing Benefits and The Correct Way To Do It

Many of you saw this genetic brushed at of convenience store and we had already seen our favorite influencers using is, so what are these brushes do and how can we use them? ​

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is basically a type of exfoliation for the body, where the ritual happens before you take a bath, with a large natural-bristle brush. The movement of the brush should follow a specific technique.

Dry Brushing Technique

Start with dry skin, gently brush your skin upward toward your heart.
You can use a wide, circular, clockwise motion.
Apply a little pressure on thicker skin areas.
After shower take a nice shower and moisturize your body

Benefits of Dry Brushing?

Let's start by there is no clinical data support this method, but it is more like an old ritual and many people feel so much smoother and softer after doing it.
- Exfoliation benefits.
- Blood circulation benefits
- Smother and softer skin
- helping to break down cellulite

How many times a week I can dry brush?

No more than 2 times, for me, I like to keep it one time a week.

Risked of Dry Brushing?

It's not dangerous of course but if you have an open wound, or burned skin, eczema, psoriasis please avoid dry brushing.


If you have sensitive skin, probably your skin can break out, and end up hurting yourself, if you want to try it star with extra caution.

Don’t use it on your face.


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