Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

Is YouTube Premium Worth It?


YouTube is one of the most downloaded and widely used online services worldwide. As most of you already know, it also has a subscription service called “YouTube Premium.” It offers additional features along with premium content (YouTube Originals). Considering the increasing popularity of video and music platforms, I will review features provided by YouTube Premium in this article.


Ad-Free Videos

These days ads are everywhere. On your phone screen while using your favorite app, in the videos you watch or music you listen to, on the radio, even among your search results. Virtually any place you can think of, you will come across some sort of ads.

Being able to remove the ads was one of the two main reasons why I subscribed to the YouTube Premium account. This feature is something that you get used to almost instantly and you cannot revert. When you somehow watch content with ads again after getting used to the comfort of non-stop video watching, it feels like you returned to the time while the movies were constantly interrupted with ads on TV.

If time is money, the subscription fee is the money you pay YouTube to buy back that lost time watching ads.

Is YouTube Premium Worth It?
YouTube Music (ad-free music streaming)

I am not going to do a full comparison of YouTube Music and Spotify here, but I can say that it is going to satisfy most users’ needs. Since it is backed by YouTube, it allows you to watch the video of the song while listening to it. It also integrates your YouTube playlists and subscriptions into the app. I would say the only lacking thing is podcasts, but I believe over time they will handle it too.

Is YouTube Premium Worth It?
YouTube Originals

To be honest, I have never watched any YouTube Original content since I started my membership. At first, it was interesting to have access to these premium contents but considering the amount of quality content that already exists on YouTube, it doesn’t constitute a big advantage. Besides, I think that YouTube is not the right platform to watch some series.

Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

Background Play on Mobile Devices

This is the second main reason why I decided to get a YouTube Premium membership. Most of the time I use YouTube as a news and information resource rather than watching some YouTubers or following famous people. When this is the case, I generally don’t even need to look at the screen. I just listen to it while doing other stuff.

With premium membership, you get “background play” feature which allows you to play the video while the app is not active and even when the screen is off. Basically, it gives you the option to just listen to the video and not to watch it. This feature also reduces data usage significantly.

Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

In conclusion, with YouTube Premium, you get what you pay for. All the additional features that it provides are worth the money. In addition, since it is a monthly subscription, you can cancel any time without having to wait a long period of time.

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