Lahmacun Recipe, The Easiest Way

When we often think about making lahmacun

we think it will take us hours to create this delicious dish, but the truth is not, specifically if you will be following my way of how I make Lahmacun Recipe The Easiest Away.

This lahmacun recipe is perfect as a diner, breakfast and a sidedish in gathering, it is a true crowd-pleaser. If you are planning to have it for dinner I would suggest eating it with salad and yogurt.

Where Lahmacun came from, well it is originally from “lahma’joun” which means exactly meat in the I would say this food in middle eastern, we also call it Sfiha, although some say it is Turkish also.

How to make Lahmacun recipe the easiest way?

Prep time

Time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes


Minced meat

1 medium Onion

1 medium Pepper

1 medium Tomato

3 cloves of Garlic

Salt and pepper


Pomegranate molasses

Puff squares

2 spoons of veggie oil

cooking method

You can definitely do it in different styles, like me, the Arab, we make it not so thin dough, medium size, and a lot of meat, but the Turkish Lahmacun is slightly different, where they make it big with a thin crust. And a lot of herbs.

Dough: because I am making this recipe extremely easy we will be using square puff ready dough.

The Meat toppings: mix with blender the onions, garlic, pepper, and tomato.

In a pan heat the oil, and put your meat and the minced veggie mix, add your spice and Pomegranate molasses.cook all till the sauce will evaporate it will take around 15-20 min.

Now on parchment paper shape the square Puff like the picture and add your meat mixture on top. You may add cheese if you what but in the normal Lahmacun or Safiha we do not put cheese.

For the final step: put them into the oven for 10 minutes at 220 degrees and enjoy.

For this particle Lahmacun, I like to eat it with salad and yogurt.

But normally the Turkish way, you can add a squeeze of lemon and some slices of onions, and wrap it and go.

Easy Lahmacun Recipe With Photos

Lahmacun Recipe, The Easiest Way
Lahmacun Recipe, The Easiest Way
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