Must-have Sunglasses For Summer 2020 | BEYONCÉ’s “Black is King”

No Cool Summer Without Cool Shades

We all like to have a pair of sunnies to go with our everyday looks but still make us feel great and stylish, for example, I loved wearing sunglasses since I was a teenager I don’t know what exactly made me love buying them, but I feel they complete your look, and sometimes when you don’t feel like you want to take to anybody or just going to the supermarket you wear them and act as no one can see you. so here it is your must-have summer sunglasses for 2020 inspired by Beyoncé's new visual album Black is King.

From the fashion since wearing glasses can make or break your look, because no only nowadays it’s acceptable to wear them in the sun, but you can wear them as a fashion piece, and no better example then Beyonce to set a new fashion trend, her new visual album black is king was released last Friday, and which she dropped major fashion trends, from her costumes to her sunglasses.
Queen Bey wore shades with different outfits all along with the clips and I loved every one of them.

Beyoncé's YouTube
Beyoncé's YouTube
Beyoncé's YouTube
Beyoncé's YouTube

4 Different Styles Styles Styles

Its fun style still trendy to wear, have fun wearing this unique shape you can choose bold colors. And of course, the round shape glasses works on a lot of face types.

Retro Round

We all love us some oversize sunglasses in sum day they are amazing, they give us comfort and confidants in 1 second plus class, Taking inspiration from minimal Nordic design, the brand’s eyewear collection gives classic shapes a bold twist. Expect cat-eye, square and rounded frames dialed up with colored lenses and on-trend prints. Whatever the outfit or occasion, there’s always a place for shades.

Thick Oversize Frames

Be bold and unique this is the session for you to take a chance and experiment with your outfits, and yes they may not be trendy in few seasons by it doesn’t matter for now enjoy and don’t invest too much in them.

Futuristic Structure

Tiny glasses still a thing and to be honest am not mad at it they are classy they complement the face better and they have so many cool shapes and colors

The New Tiny Frames

Let me know which one is your favorite?

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