Samsung U Flex Headphones Long-term Review

Samsung U Flex Headphones Long-term Review


Headphone jack is almost a thing of the past in mobile phones. Gradually, every phone manufacturer is ditching 3.5mm jack, and encouraging customers to buy their new generation wireless headphones.


Samsung U Flex Headphones Long-term Review
When I Bought Samsung U Flex Headphones?

I must admit that I was not a big fan of this new trend in the beginning. Still, I don’t consider myself a fan, but at least I am not against it as I was before.

I purchased my first Bluetooth headphone almost a year ago after upgrading my phone to Samsung Note 10+. Even though it comes with a USB type C headphone, I just wanted to give the new standard a try, and I bought Samsung U Flex Headphones.

Samsung U Flex Headphones Long-term Review
In this review, I’ll be giving you the top 3 advantages and disadvantages of Samsung U Flex Headphones.

+ Build Quality: It seems like Samsung solved the cracking problem that they had with Level U headphones. U Flex doesn’t feel cheap in your hands, and due to its flexible body, you feel more comfortable wearing it. I just faced a slight color change -as expected- for the “Ivory White” color model.

+ Build Quality

+ Battery Life: Samsung claims 9 hours of talk and 10 hours of play time. I have never done a duration test, but I might say I’m pretty satisfied with the battery life. I only use my headphone at work mostly for talking, and it lasts almost a week with a single charge.

+ Battery Life

+ Flexibility: You can throw it in your backpack or put it in your pocket without worrying. Flexible material also makes it more durable.

+ Flexibility

- Bulky: Long battery life comes with relatively large size. If you only plan to use it during your daily activities, you are going to get used to it within a few days. But, going for a run or to the gym wearing this headphone will surely annoy you. Besides its size, it also wouldn’t stay steady during sport.

- Bulky:

- Vibration: This might be the most annoying feature of this headphone. When you receive a call, it starts vibrating to notify you, and it looks like a useful functionality on paper. But maybe due to its material or its vibration technology, it gives you a high and annoying buzz. The first thing that I did was to turn off that vibrating notification.

- Vibration

- Microphone Quality: I wouldn’t say it has a bad microphone but if it’s windy outside, you need to close the microphone with your hand to transfer your voice satisfactorily to the other side.

- Microphone Quality
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