The Easiest Homemade Ice-cream

The Easiest Ice-cream

I know there are hundreds of ice-cream brands out there, and it is extremely easy to go or order it from the nearest supermarket, and although they might be more delicious as some of you might say, but in my humble option this is better first you make it and second its totally adjustable according to your needs.

So here it is the Easiest Homemade Ice-cream

Before you start 

You need these 4 ingredients

Honey (1 spoon)

Fitness nestle cereals (half a cup)

President dairy wiped cream(2 cups)

Naturevally crackers (1 bar)


Mix all ingredients together refrigerate for 2 hours take it out and mix again and leave in the refrigerator for about 4 hours or more and enjoy this delicious tasty easy homemade icecream

Ready for you

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