The Magical Morning Routine

Working from home can be stressful

for some of us and it most definitely can make us feel lazy and neglect our daily routines, therefore I am sharing my Magical Morning Routine with you to inspire you. I call it MAGICAL because after doing it you can feel energised and ready for the day.

1- Wake Up No Later Than 08:00AM

Nobody loves waking up early, but productivity has an intimate link with mood and better mood comes with waking up early and starting to get things done.

2- Home Workout

Let me start by telling you that the hardest part is to make that decision, the rest will work itself out. Take it easy and start with just 15-20 minutes a day and work your way up till you reach 40-50 minutes. Trust me a little bit of will is all what you need.

Then wash your face or even take a nice quick shower to freshen up. Use your deodorant. My favorite one is Dove, go fresh!


3- Make Time To Some Skincare Routine

It’s no secret that skin care is essential for most women these days. For instance many women have more than 12 skincare steps to follow each morning. But if you don’t already have a skincare routine, I suggest you to start just with a simple moisturizer. I am using the Hydra Booster from Neutrogena.


4- No Make-up Day

If there is one thing I love in these quarantine days that we are working from home is no full face of make-up. I used to put on everything everyday and this is something I enjoy doing to be honest. But I love it more when I let my skin breath.

makeup blush brush

With that being said, some days I feel like I need that touch of make-up. So, I apply a little bit of concealer and it totally transforms my mood. It makes me look fresher and more awake which is enough for me.


5- Body Care

For body care I use the Ice-Cold Body Lotion from Woojooh. I started using it newly and it works amazing! It has a gel texture and smells fresh and smooth.

Adding perfume would be great and I prefer the Shimmer Mist by Pink in warm and cozy vanilla and sunburst passionfruit.


6- Lip Balm

And my personal favorite for the last step: applying some vanilla lip balm.


In the end, few simple things can make you feel better. This is what I do every morning. Share with me what is your daily routine.

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