Wat Phra Yai Temple – Big Buddha Statue in Pattaya

Wat Phra Yai Temple Big Buddha Statue in Pattaya


When you are in beautiful Pattaya Thailand you will most likely be at the beach enjoying the great weather and breathtaking beaches, besides that Pattaya offers so many attractive places where you can go visit and spend the day learning about the culture and history. Especially if you’re looking forward to taking epic pictures, so without further due

let’s explore the Big Buddha Statue Or Wat Phra Yai Temple.


City View Of Pattaya

Wat Phra Yai Temple Big Buddha Statue in Pattaya
Big Buddha Statue

Big Buddha Statue  is located in Pattaya, Thailand on top of Pratumnak Hill, while you’re on the top you can easily detect the huge 18-meter-tall Buddha. That is to say, it is one of the largest ones in the whole world! Make sure to enjoy the spectacular views of Jomtien Beach. And the City.

Also, you will find there 7 smaller buddha status, a pavilion hall, and a gift shop.

Wat Phra Yai Temple Big Buddha Statue in Pattaya
Wat Phra Yai Temple Big Buddha Statue in Pattaya
Where is Wat Phra Yai Temple?

The Big Buddha Statue in Pattaya is located on Thai highway 4171, which is a side route off of Highway 4169, the main route around the island.

Thing To Know About Big Buddha Temple

The largest Buddha image in the Chonburi province, Wat Phra Yai draws Buddhist worshippers to lay offerings and pray for health, happiness, and prosperity.

Bult in 1972
Enters fee: Free.
Time to spent there: from 30-60 minutes.
Easy to go there? Yes! With a light effort, you can easily climb the staircase leading to the Buddha statue. That is to say, once you are on top you can find a place to rest.
Dress code: Make sure to respect the religious sites while traveling, it is always a good idea to read about the place’s policies before visiting. You will need to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. If for some reason you were not, at the entrance they will give you a free scarf to cover yourself. And you will need to return it before leaving.

Wat Phra Yai Temple Big Buddha Statue in Pattaya
How To Get There?

As a tourist, I believe the easiest way is to get a taxi, for a starter if you are considering to rent a car make sure to keep in mind that in Thailand the driver sits on the right side, which is for the most of us the posit side, so it will be hard for you to drive there. Plus, I notice that the roads are quite messy and narrow there.

In our, case we took a taxi from our hotel, make sure to negotiate the price before riding. You can ask the hotel concierge about the prices and recommendations, For us, they were extremely helpful and they helped us draw our daily tourism plans plus they negotiate and inform the taxi of our destinations.

  • You can check Tock Tock’s for cheap rids also.
Our Video of Big Buddha Jomtien Pattaya
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