What Is “Soap Brows” And How Can You Get It

The Soap Brow Trend

Why do people put soap in their eyebrows?

What kind of soap do you use for soap brows? Can I use any soap?

Is soap good for eyebrows?

How do you use soap on your eyebrow?


Today I will answer all these questions for you 

We all saw it, everyone on the internet is using it, and they do have great thick fluffy brows,

Luckily the trend of natural-looking brows is still a thing, but the fashion and beauty industry is taking the natural look to the next level with this extra thick eyebrow, so how do we obtain this look you ask? Well easy with a soap bar.  

What Does It Really Mean?

We started to see the term “soap brows” all over since last year while our favorite influencers are getting ready, but what does it really mean? Well, it is exactly a soap bar you will use it like you usually use your eyebrow gel.  Why do you ask? It gives a stronger shape to your eyebrows. 

How can we use it? Basically you will shape your eyebrow to look the way you wanted them to look using only a soap bar brush and water.

Using a soap brow doesn’t require a lot of effort nor talent, its easy affordable and gets the job done. that’s why so many people are using it at the moment. like the videos below.


@ jodiemakeup_

What Kind Of Soap Should I Use? Can I Use Any Soap?

Let’s start with whatever soap you have, but with that being said there is so many brands who claim they have the best brow soap. 

Now is it good for your eyebrows?

Well, there are couple of thing you need to be aware of before applying this trend to your precious brows. While the soap gives them the shape of your dreams, be careful because once the soap dries you should not brush them, because it will make the hairs very easy to pull out. Another thing you should conceder is the PH balance. The soap may have high Ph levels and leaving it on your skin regularly can cause dryness and flakiness of the skin. 

Here some brands.

@ soapbrows
@ xmemebeautyx

So let me know if you are using the soap brow or not?

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