Your Step by Step Guide to Have a Healthy Skin | Skincare Routine

Step by Step and Why

Skincare nowadays is a major thing. Everyone is taking extra time in the  morning and at night to give his/her skin the additional care it needs. But with all the products that we see on the market and the products of the influencers promoted to us daily, we need to ask ourselves a few questions: “what is my skin type”, “what do I need from my skincare routine”, “do I need to see a specialist”, and “what are the correct skincare steps I need to follow”. 

I cannot answer the first 3 questions for you but I can give you the right steps to treat your skin. I am not a skincare specialist of any kind but I like to consider myself as a skincare lover who does her research and this is exactly what I will be sharing with you. 

With that being said, let’s start with the nigh time skincare routine. I will write another article for the morning. 

Step Number One (Double Cleansing)

The First Cleansing 

Start your night skincare routine with knocking all the make-up and dirt out of your skin with a micellar make-up remover. This step works amazingly for me. I have normal/combination skin yet prone to acnes and I find the micellar make-up remover perfect for this step. It is gentle yet effective. 

I love Garnier Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser which doses great job removing the make-up. Also no need to use cotton pads, only water is enough. I do also love Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 from the same brand which is easier to use if you feel lazy. Both of them have great prices and they do last for months. 

The Second Cleansing 

Here you can use any gentle cleanser. You may want to choose one with some active ingredients like exfoliating cleansers.

Here are my favorite facial cleansers:

Step Number Two (Serums)

This is the step where you actively fix whatever problems your skin has. For instance, if you are focusing on anti-aging, here is the right step for you to use your anti-aging serums. Using serums on clean skin enables you to maximize the benefits of its ingredients.

Here are my favorite serums:

Step Number Three (Moisturizing)

Now, you must lock that serum into your skin and to use a moisturizer is the right way to do it. 

Using night moisture is the key to keep your skin young and fresh. Plus, of course, drinking a lot of water. 

Here are my favorite nigh moisturizers:

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